Aikido Gyokushin Ryu - Washizu sensei


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玉心流合気道 - Gyokushin Ryu Aikido with Washizu sensei - Shizuoka Japan

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Languages Japanese + subtitles English & French
Menus Japonais - Français - Anglais
Screen 16/9
Year 2012
Hosted by Washizu Terumi 鷲巣輝巳
Video System PAL
Duration 78 minutes + 40 minutes bonus

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In this DVD you will discover more than 100 techniques, including more than 30 sutemi waza explained and demonstrated by different angles. If you are fully involved in your martial training, you will be able to learn many techniques with this DVD, also to improve others and above all to find some new ways of personal research.

Jon from Australia : If it wasn't for your superb DVD I wouldn't have known about Washizu sensei and the Gyokushin ryu..An excellent production.Looking forward to meeting you soon someday Lionel!

This DVD will allow you to practice with the worthiest representative of Minoru MOCHIZUKI sensei !

Terumi WASHIZU sensei started his training with Minoru MOCHIZUKI sensei in 1970 and continuously trained and then finally reach the 7th dan Hanshi delivered by Minoru MOCHIZUKI sensei. Now still practicing at the same Dojo located in Shizuoka City (Japan), Terumi WASHIZU sensei is the founder of the Gyokushin Ryu Aikido.

Terumi WASHIZU sensei is currently KAISO Gyokushin Ryu Aikido, 7th dan Shihan Yoseikan Aikido, 4th dan Yoseikan Ju-Jitsu, 3rd dan Iai Katori Shinto Ryu, 3rd dan Judo.

You will be able to find in  his huge DVD : more than 30 Sutemi waza 締め - Hemono Tori 得物取り (Bo, Tanto & Ken) - Hiki Tate 引立て - Kime no Kata 極めの形 - Shime no Kata 締めの形 - Futari Gake 二人掛け - Tai Sabaki no Kata 体捌きの型 (around 78 minutes)

+ Exclusive interviews (around 37 minutes)
+ introduction with Renshi Philipe Galais 6th dan 

Complete English subtitles for all Japanese explanations.