Filipino Fighting Concepts : Arnis Kali Eskrima

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Teaching  and explaining to you the main concepts of the Filipino martial arts with the stick, knife, sword and dulo. A high level personal training from a world class Master.



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Master Dani FAYNOT is going to show and explain the main concepts of the Filipino martial arts using the stick, knife, sword and dulo together with combat strategies and practical applications. A high level personal training from a world class teacher.

DVD presented in english and french by Master Dani FAYNOT, trained in the Philippines for several years under legendary Grand Master José Mena, one of the greatest Grand Master of Filipino Martial Arts. Established in the Philippines since 1998, Dani presents the combative approach of FMA, the way it was taught by the late generation of Filipino Masters. A precious legacy of a fighting system recognized in the world for its amazing efficiency in combat with or without weapon. Master Instructor in Doblete Rapilon Arnis (Punong Guro) & 10th Degree Red belt in Arnis Kali Eskrima appointed by Grand Master Jose Mena - 5th Dan FFKDA, 5th Dan Nihon Tai-Jitsu (FINTJ), 5th Dan Nihon Jujitsu (Seibukan Academy Japan). 35 Years of study and training in different martial arts under world class experts such as : Grand Master Mena (Arnis), Roland Hernaez Shihan (Nihon Tai-Jitsu), O Sensei Mochizuki Minoru (Yoseikan Aikido), Teruo Sano Shihan (Karatedo & Ju-jitsu), Lai Laoshi (Bagua Zhang). 25 years of test, research and teaching in different countries (France, Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines).

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