Modern Arnis with master Dulay IMAFP

Modern Arnis with master Dulay IMAFP

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Modern Arnis at his highest skills with a world recognized master. Sinawali, or double-stick training is the foundation of the Filipino martial arts. 

SINAWALI : This amazing training method develops striking power, coordination, line familiarity and the ability to use two weapons simultaneously. Its lightning-fast movements also hold the secrets of advanced fighting skills, teaching the practitioner to quickly identify and destroy vulnerable targets on an opponent’s body the instant they become available.

DVD Modern Arnis with master Samuel "Bambit" Dulay

Boost your skills - Learn the most cutting-edge and sought after Modern Arnis techniques with master Bambit Dulay - [International Martial Arts Federation Philippines]

In this dvd filmed in Negros Occidental Philippines

In the classical section : Sinawali, todo salpukan, classical counter, palis palis, sungkite, media corto, abaniko, corto, sombrada, punyo, flow ....

And in the educational section : sticks exercices, hand grips, 12 strikes, 6 basic blocks, disarming, redonda, anyo, throwing, releasing, knife flow, tapi tapi ...

And in bonus : Exclusive interview with blind master Romy "Bebing" Lisondra and some Espada y Daga with master Roberto Presas...

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