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Karate Goju Ryu with sensei Zenei Oshiro - 3 DVD Bundle

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Official program for your ranking test in Karate Goju-Ryu with sensei Zenei Oshiro 8th dan, born in Okinawa. Kata, Bunkai, Renzoku Bunkai...

In this promotional pack of 3 DVD, improve your skills in Karate Goju-Ryu with sensei Zenei Oshiro, 8th dan, teaching around the world and born in Okinawa. Spending his life, since his childhood, to train and teach Okinawa martial arts : Karate and Kobudo.

In this pack, you will find Karate Goju-Ryu kata, practical application with bunkai and renzoku bunkai (all the kata in 1 bunkai). 

French + English
Hosted by
Zenei Oshiro
Video System
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