Terms and Conditions Version 16/03/2012

Your access to sales data made available on the site www.imaginarts.tv published by the company SARL IMAGINARTS implies unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions below.


Imaginarts.tv is a website published by the company IMAGINARTS SARL, whose headquarters are located at: 8 avenue Prat Gimont 31130 Balma - France. IMAGINARTS LLC is registered with the Trade and Companies under SIRET TOULOUSE 451 667 703 (VAT: FR33451667703) These Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are intended to define the conditions under which sales are made products and services offered by IMAGINARTS SARL (hereinafter referred to as "Company") on www.imaginarts.tv (hereinafter the "Website"). Any order made by a client involves the formation of a contract of sale which results in remote, irrevocable acceptance of the Terms by the customer. Client is considered, within the meaning of the GCS, any person who made and paid for an order. Anyone not meeting this definition is not entitled to avail itself of the GCS against IMAGINARTS LLC. It is understood that an order placed by a Customer on behalf of a third party is subject to legal relationships defined in the Terms between the Client and The Company, without recourse to third parties against the latter. These Conditions are written in French (in this page translatade as the best we could). Only the French version will prevail between the Company and its Clients. The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time without notice. Each new version of the TOS shall apply its posted on the Website, for orders placed after this on-line.Where applicable, the Terms may be supplemented by specific conditions that are indicated on the Website.
Article 1 - How to Order
The customer places his order on the Website. At the end of the buying process, by clicking the "Submit" button, and after checking the contents of his "Basket" and, if necessary, to have changed, the Client hereby fully and unconditionally accept the entirety of these Conditions. The order is final only after confirmation of payment. The Company confirms in real time on its website that the payment has been received and therefore the order is final.Non-compliance by Customer of the obligations under these Terms and in particular on any problem relating to payment for an order, may cancel the order and result in the suspension of access to service imaginarts.tv
Article 2 - Prices of goods or services
Sale prices shown are prices including all taxes but do not include shipping.Shipping charges will be listed on the Website during the buying process, before the final confirmation of the order. For deliveries and services supplied to customers residing outside the French territory, the provisions of the Tax Code with respect to VAT shall apply.
Article 3 - Conformity of products or services
3.1. The descriptions and other technical details listed on the sheet-products, are disclosed to imaginarts.tv by suppliers of the product or service.Imaginarts.tv will make every effort to ensure that the graphic illustrations (photos, diagrams, etc.). Products or services and technical descriptions best describe the products or services themselves.
3.2. In case of non-conformity of the product or service delivered, the Customer may return to the Company in the following procedure: Communicating for Return: In the "Contact Us" page of the Website, select the object " Back "then fill in your email address and specify the products involved and reason for return. Or send your request directly with all the necessary information described above to: news [@] imaginarts.tv Shipping Returns and return mode: As part of a return request for non-compliance of the product, the shipping back and have to return shall be borne by the Customer. Imaginarts.tv will send you an email with a return number to be affixed to the package that will allow you to return the items concerned. Prepare the package return: Use a standard package of the Post, or reuse the cardboard with which the product was shipped. Returned products must be in original packaging with their (s) label (s) of origin, have not been raised, used or damaged and the dvd still cellophane. If you host the cellophane from DVD and other products, says these products can be returned or exchanged. Validation Imaginarts.tv: All returned products (product, original packaging, accessories, manuals ...) should be returned undamaged. Upon receipt of the package, the judge Imaginarts.tv perfect condition of the returned merchandise. No returns will be accepted if the returned products have been visibly damaged or used by the client and that such use or damage makes the product unsuitable for sale. If the return is rejected by Imaginarts.tv, the products will be returned to the customer's expense Imaginarts.tv without requiring the client to any compensation or reimbursement right, except to the subsequent exercise of itsWarranty claims on goods sold. As part of a return to non-compliance, the Customer may request Imaginarts.tv: - To be delivered of a product identical to that ordered, subject to availability - To be refunded the price the ordered product within 7 days of the Customer's request.
Article 4 - Availability of products or services
If for some reason, the product or service ordered was unavailable the customer will be informed by e-mail delivery of a partial order or cancel the order. Pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, in case of unavailability of the product or service, the member then has the option of:
- To be delivered of a product or service identical to that ordered, subject to availability;
- To be refunded the price of the product or service ordered within 15 days of the request.
It is understood that the Company will pay the shipping of the new product, if any.
The articles in "Coming soon" does not fit into this cataégories availability of products as the customer gets a discount for ordering the product before its release on the market.
Article 5 - Right of withdrawal
The date of receipt of each command opens the Client within 7 working days of receipt of the order in which they can return to the Company the corresponding product. After this period, the right of withdrawal becomes hopelessly obsolete.The Company will reimburse the Customer the amount equal to the product price has been the subject of withdrawal. As part of a withdrawal, the return costs are the sole responsibility of Customer. For any return made under the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall connnecter under "Contact Us" page of the Website where it should indicate its intention to withdraw by selecting the object "Back - Exchange - Retraction" and stating number of its order and the products concerned. Customer who exercises his right of withdrawal must provide evidence of the return of the goods. This proof will be by presentation of a receipt for registered mail delivered by post. No other form of evidence will be admitted. It is understood that products must be returned undamaged, clean condition (that is to say in perfect condition for resale in its original packaging, not modified or assembled in contradiction with the recommendations of the manufacturer and not dismantled ) and a legible copy of the invoice. Exception to the provisions of this section, and pursuant to the provisions of Article L. 121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is excluded for particular products, because of their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly and for audio (Audio CD - MP3) or video (DVD - Blu-Ray) or computer software where these products have been unsealed by the end user.
Article 6 - Payment and Security
Payment for purchases is made through a credit card via our partner Caisse d'Epargne bank, via a PayPal account or by check if the Customer lives in France and has a French bank check. As part of a payment by credit card, the cards are accepted: CB, Visa and MasterCard. In accordance with regulations and to ensure security and confidentiality of its customers, Imaginarts.tv does not store credit card details. For your safety, Imaginarts.tv chose one of the leading solutions on the market, proposed by one of the largest French banks: The online payment solution "SP Plus" Caisse d'Epargne. The Customer warrants that it is fully authorized to use the credit card or other payment to make payment of the order.
Article 7 - Sponsorship
Each Client can sponsor downline of their choice. The Company reserves the right to limit referrals and massive systematic intended for purely commercial or financial benefits due to the Customer by the mechanics of sponsorship. The Company reserves the right to refuse any sponsorship that is not consistent with the intent of this section and accordingly quash the reductions and other benefits that result. Mechanisms of sponsorship on Imaginarts.tv: - Any member or guest may invite a friend to register to Imaginarts.tv - Since the friend accepts the invitation and registers, it becomes the "godson" of memberor customer who invited and which becomes the sponsor. - The sponsor will be credited with a voucher worth € 10 when his godson has made its first purchase of at least 50 euros. It is understood that a godson can bring a maximum of 10 € to his godfather.
Article 8 - Customer Service
Customer service is at your news by email (@) imaginarts.tv
Mailing Address: IMAGIN ARTS "Customer Service", 8 avenue Prat Gimont Balma-31130 France
Article 9 - Delivery
The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer when ordering. Imaginarts.tv ordering information including, inter alia, the terms and the delivery address and number of packages for shipment via the Post Office.
9.1 Time and manner of delivery
Deliveries are made via the postal services according to the system LettreMax Colissimo or by post, within a maximum of four (4) working days after the auction ends. However, different delivery times may be indicated for some products during the ordering process. An email informs the customer of any delay in delivery.
9.2 Monitoring delivery
Customers can watch live on the Website, under "My Account / My Orders", the processing status of their order. Using the parcel number provided in the email shipment notification of the order, the customer can monitor the delivery of his order by logging into the website of the Post.
9.3 Delay in Delivery
Any order not received by the addressee in the final four weeks later than the date of the order may be considered canceled if the customer requests it via the module "Contact" in the "Return / Exchange / Cancellation ". In this case, the order amount is refunded to the Customer by the Company within 7 working days of receipt of notification of the customer. Cancellation for exceeding this can only be applied if the timeout occurs due to a case of force majeure or if a delivery time greater than 4 weeks was stipulated by the Company on its website. In case of partial delivery, the right to refund only applies to products not delivered within a command.
9.4 Lack of receipt of packages
Default, and except in specific cases because of oversized products, all packages will be delivered by post (otherwise, the customer will be informed and it will release information on this type of special delivery) If the customer is absent upon delivery, the package is deposited at the Post Office nearest to his home where he can remove it within fifteen (15) days upon presentation of the notice left by the Post in her mailbox. After this period, the Post will return to IMAGIN ARTS SARL unclaimed packages. If a package is returned to and IMAGIN ARTS SARL for a reason such as "unclaimed" or "does not live at the address", the Company shall inform the client in the e-mail or phone, in which case, the parcel will be returned to the client after approval and payment by him of the costs involved. This will include the procedure for paying the postage. If the return postage remains unpaid, or if the package returned back to the customer after payment of such fees is not claimed and that this package is returned to IMAGIN ARTS SARL a second time by post, it will be retained by IMAGIN ARTS SA for sixty (60) days. At the end of this period, the Company may destroy items and stored, without notice or demand. This destruction does not create any entitlement to refund, exchange or compensation.
9.5 Problems encountered during the delivery of products
Poduit >> damaged upon delivery
In case La Poste has a package to the customer clearly damaged (pierced, semi-open), it can: - Refusing delivery - Ask the delivery person to notify the package to a post office to see with Postal Official or not the integrity of the product and possibly refuse. - Accept the package. In this case, the parcel will be considered undamaged and no appeal may be initiated by the client of this fact.
Upon receipt of the parcel refused by the customer and after finding by IMAGIN ARTS SARL that the deterioration of the goods is effective, the company will exchange or refund of the purchase and transportation costs incurred by the customer.
Parcel lost >>
If the parcel is lost by the Post, the command for this package will be fully refunded to the customer.
9.6. Place of delivery
Products will be sent to the delivery address that the Customer will be provided during the ordering process. The company ensures delivery in the countries listed on the menu of the "My Address" in "My Account". It is stated that for technical reasons and logistics, IMAGIN ARTS SARL guarantees the delivery time of 4 days in France, Corsica, Monaco and Andorra. For any other place of delivery, an additional period of two weeks must be accepted by the customer.The invoice for the purchase will be available on the website, under "My Account / My Orders" upon sending the package. This bill will include the price of (these) product (s), delivery charges and VAT. In the case of a partial shipment, a delivery will be available in the package listing the products and / or services actually present in it.
Article 10 - Contract Security
Any guarantees attached to products are described on the products of the Website and correspond to guarantees by the suppliers of the products concerned. The Company can not be held liable in any way whatsoever in the guarantees assumed by providers.
Article 11 - Privacy
The recipients of the data are internal services Imaginarts.tv. Imaginarts.tv has been declared to the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL).In accordance with Articles 39 and following of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004 relating to data, files and freedoms, any person may obtain information and, where appropriate, correct or delete information for, by contacting our customer service. These data will be used by the Company:
- To inform its members and customers of upcoming sales via sending emails
- In order to process orders
- To communicate special offers (including contests, games, etc ...)
- For any other business communication partners, if the member has agreed to receive offers from partners.
In the event that the member does not wish to receive these emails, it may at any time:
- Change their shipping preferences by accessing the "My Account / My Personal Information"
- Or by clicking the links provided for this purpose placed on each of the emails sent by the company
- Or by sending a request via email to news déscinscription (@) imaginarts.tv Furthermore, in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the Member may at any time exercise its right of access to the file, right Opposition and his right to rectify or delete information about them by sending a request (indicating his email address, full name):
- By e-mail to news (@) or imaginarts.tv mudule in the "Contact Us" by selecting "Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe"
- By mail to the following address: 8 avenue Prat Gimont 31130 Balma France
Article 12-Other
12.1 If any term of the GCS is considered illegal or unenforceable by a court other provisions remain in force.
12.2 The information provided on the Site Internetfont faith between the parties.Elements such as date and time of receipt or issuance, as well as the quality of data received by priority shall prevail as contained in the information systems of the Company, except in written proof and otherwise by the Customer. The scope of the evidence of the information delivered by the Company's computer systems is that accorded to an original within the meaning of a written paper, signed by hand.
12.3 The host of the information system is IMAGINARTS.TV 1and1 France.
Article 13 - Dispute
These TOS will be executed and interpreted according to French laws. In case of dispute, the Customer should first contact the Company to reach an amicable solution. Otherwise, the French courts of Toulouse have jurisdiction.


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