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The new documentary directed by Lionel Froidure and produced by Imagin Arts.
In this exceptional documentary he’s going to meet sensei Choyu Kiyuna (Goju Ryu), Minoru Higa (Shorin Ryu) and Kyode Shinjo (Uechi Ryu).

In this exceptional documentary Lionel Froidure is going to meet sensei Choyo Kiyuna (Goju Ryu), Minoru Higa (Shorin Ryu) and Kyode Shinjo (Uechi Ryu).

I travel to distant lands in search of ancient cultures and legendary masters and to explore the very essence of combat. It is my passion for martial arts that has led me to the martial arts chronicles. "The land of the rising sun is a popular destination for many world-travelers who come to admire Kyoto, the former imperial capital, its no-less-famous Mount Fuji or to roam the streets of the megalopolis, Tokyo. But Okinawa, a southern archipelago that was once a Chinese territory, remains the favorite destination for students of karate wishing to return to the birthplace of their discipline. A new trip on martial land begins. This time, I am visiting the birthplace of karate – southern Tokyo - in the archipelago of Ryukyu – in Okinawa. With its history and its geographic location, Okinawa has a Chinese heritage that greatly influences its traditions, and even its karate.

 French and English narration by Lionel Froidure

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1 Reviews

Je l'ai vu à la télé il y a quelques années. Il m'a donné l'envie d'aller à okinawa. ce film reflete bien l'ambiance du dojo d'okinawa. merci lionel

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