Gyokushin Ryu Aiki Ju Jitsu - In memory of my master - Martial Arts Chronicles

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The next documentary The Martial Arts Chronicles hosted by Lionel Froidure will be released mid march 2014. Stay tune!

In memory of my master ! Gyokushin Ryu Aiki Jujitsu with Washizu Terume sensei and some exclusive and unseen footages of Minoru Mochizuki sensei.

The next documentary The Martial Arts Chronicles hosted by Lionel Froidure will be released in march 2014. Stay tune!

Travel with Lionel in France for the first time ever seminar with Washizu Terumi sensei outside of Japan. 300 students coming from all around the word trained under the supersivion of this huge master.


Then travel again with Lionel Froidure, but this time in Japan, in Shizuoka, in the prestigious dojo formely knowned as Yoseikan Dojo. The dojo founded by the legendary Minoru Mochizuki sensei (direct student of sensei Kano, sensei Ueshiba and sensei Funakoshi and also friend with sensei Sugino). Lionel will train in this amazing dojo, share with you the knowledge of the late master, of his old friends, some exclusive and unseen 8mm footages and old pictures... 


Japan, the Empire of the Rising Sun, is the land which gave birth to many martial arts.  It is not uncommon to see that people who practice martial arts, locally called budoka, go to this country to practice their favourite martial art with a great master. To strive for weeks for perfection, in the cradle of his discipline, is a dream for every practitioner. However, this dream is not always doable. So these martial arts enthusiasts head to courses to progress beyond their weekly practice at the dojo.

Hello and welcome to "The Martial Arts Chronicles". This new journey will begin in France and end here in Japan. In 2009, after filming the documentary in Okinawa, I had the great pleasure to come train with a great sensei: Terumi Washizu. But before visiting sensei in his dojo in Shizuoka, let’s head to Paris.

For the first time in his life, he will go out of his country to share his knowledge of martial skills, which he has received from his master - Minoru Mochizuki, whom he followed for decades in Shizuoka. Sensei Terumi  Washizu is a Hanshi, which means mastery, this title was given to him by his master as a task to continue to spread and preserve the essence of his martial education.

It is only after his arrival in France that I will go to Shizuoka, to train with him and find the unique atmosphere of the old Yoseikan Dojo from the late great master Minoru Mochizuki.

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