Hapkido & Sunmudo - Martial art documentary in South Korea

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Follow once again with Lionel Froidure in his martial arts chronicles. This time, travel with him in South Korea and meet 2 grand masters from 2 really different martial arts.

Through his travels across the world, Lionel is discovering ancestral cultures, meeting legendary masters and exploring the essence of combat. His passion for martial arts leads him throughout his Martial Arts Chronicles.

Korean martial arts are known all across the world thanks to Tae Kwon Do, its sports oriented version that has become popular thanks to being part of the Olympic Games. However there are many other Korean arts, like for instance archery, taekkyeon, sunmudo, hapkido...

Hapkido & Sunmudo - Martial art documentary in South Korea

Travel with Lionel Froidure in South Korea as he introduce you to two traditional korean martial arts. Hapkido and Sonmudo.

Hapkido is a pragmatic martial art searching for solution to every self protection problems that we can encounter today.

Sunmudo is a buddhist martial arts based in meditation, dynamic yoga and chi qong.

Discover theses 2 worlds : Hapkido & Sunmudo. 

Directed and hosted by Lionel Froidure, martial arts practioner for more than 35 years. 

Martial art documentary directed and hosted by Lionel Froidure, 5th dan Shotokan Karate - 3 dan Arnis Kali Doblete Rapilon - Member of the International Documentary Association in NYC (USA)

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