Au coeur des principes - Hino Akira - En Terre Martiale

In Japan with Hino Akira sensei - documentary

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The 12th martial art documentary will feature Hino Akira sensei. Travel with Lionel Froidure in Japan, and follow his initiation and studies of Hino Budo.

Travel once again in Japan with Lionel FROIDURE.

Through out his journey in Japan, he will follow the teaching of HINO AKIRA sensei. Hino Budo is founded on the research of Hino Akira sensei whose travelling around the world to teach, with passion and kindness, the principles of martial arts with the leading theme : "Flexibility is stronger than the muscles".

Documentary directed and hosted by Lionel FROIDURE, 6th dan Karate, 4th dan Arnis Kali Eskrima, practicing martial arts since 1982 and teaching it for more than 25 years.

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