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DVD Karate Bunkai black belt first dan - Tisseyre and Lupo

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Bunkai karate Shotokan of 6 Katas with 2 international sensei.

Black belt 1st dan Karate Bunkai program

Through out this video, the 2 international karate experts, Jean-François Tisseyre and Didier Lupo will present you 6 shotokan karate bunkai. Starting from heian shodan to tekki shodan. Bunkai will enhance the kata and vice versa. with this constant back and forth between the form and application that will allow the karateka to evolve in the art of the empty hand, to improve his practice with or without a partner.

Kata will bring strong support, rhythm, speed, controlled engagement, etc. Bunkai will strengthen the kata with the notions of time, distance, accuracy, dexterity in grasping phases.

As a bonus at the end of each kata, Didier Lupo will offer a Drill, an exercise to intensify the pace, commitment and precision of bunkai.

DVD hosted by : 

Jean-François TISSEYRE : 7th dan Shotokan Karate

Didier LUPO : 6th dan Shotokan Karaté

Video Bunkai Karaté Shotokan

In this educational Karate video, you will find the Bunkai of: 

  1. Heian Shodan
  2. Heian Nidan
  3. Heian Sandan
  4. Heian Yodan
  5. Heian Godan
  6. Tekki Shodan
French + English
Hosted by
Jean-François Tisseyre et Didier Lupo
Video System
60 minutes
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