Nihon Tai Jitsu 3 - Basics & Dai Ni No Kata

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Dai Ni No Kata - Nihon Tai Jitsu

The term DAI means big, superior. The term NI means the second. The DAI NI NO KATA is the next logical step following KIHON KATA. It can be studied from the second dan onwards. The idea being to use it in RANDORI NO KATA, in other words in a combat situation. Many techniques seem hard but they illustrate the BUDO tradition as well as the effectiveness of Nihon Tai Jitsu. 

Basic techniques of Nihon Tai Jitsu

In order to facilitate the study of defense techniques, the method is made of 4 series of 8 movements each. The aim is to give the practitioners the basic forms of the traditional techniques which allows then to achieve the necessary evolutions based on the attacks from the opponent. Above all, it is about considering basic techniques as excellent education tools. 

Hosted by Roland Hernaez, Philippe Galais, Philippe Avril, Jean Jugeau

French + English
Hosted by
Roland Hernaez, Philippe Galais, Philippe Avril & Jean Jugeau
Video System
63 minutes
English & French speaking
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