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Tai Chi Chuan Yang volume 2

Taichi Chuan Yang volume 2 with Thierry Alibert

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In this dvd you will continue to learn Tai Chi Chuan, Yang Style with master Alibert Thierry.

In this DVD, Thierry Albert, international professional in modern and ancient Yang style, shows you an internal and martial approach to the most popular Tai-Chi-Chuan form in the world. It is the 108 form traditional Yang style. In this program, he has decided to show you, how to use the pelvis in these movements in this style for you to improve your anchoring and transmission of energy from the earth. Anchoring to the ground actually represents a fundamental principle of Tai-Chi-Chuan. When first practicing, it is necessary to learn (other than the structure of the movements) how to organise the practice of Tai-Chi-Chuan from your feet on the ground. The 108 form consists of 3 parts and we have decided to show you the first part called ’The Earth’ which, as its name suggests, will help you to develop the quality of your anchoring in simple movements. Afterwards, you will enjoy the martial aspect of all of the techniques presented in this program in an educational way with numerous variations.

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