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DVD Wudang Sword - Wudang Taiji Jian with master Belmonte

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Wudang Sword with master Belmonte, disciple of Wudang Taiji China

On this DVD video, you will be able to learn the Wudang Taiji Sword with the disciple of the 16th generation of Wudang Xuan Wu Paï. Multiple times European champion.

In China, the sword is the most highly respected weapon, it is the queen of short weapons. Not only because of its efficiency, but mainly because its learning is long and demanding.
All the Wudang sword forms are permeated with the three great internal chinese styles.
It shows the rooted postures and waist mobility of Taiji quan, the circular and subtle steps of Bagua Zhang and the fast straight moves of Xingyi Quan.
In this first volume, CHARLES-HENRI BELMONTE shows and explains the basic offensive and defensive techniques, the Ji Ben Gong (basic exercises), The first three parts of the WUDANG TAI JI JIAN (the form has six parts as a whole), The GONG FANG (every fighting applications of the movements).

French + English
Hosted by
Charles-Henri Belmonte
Video System
63 minutes
Français et Anglais
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