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Teach Karate to Kids

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Teach Karate to Kids. DVD hosted by sensei Michel Kervadec. Teaching around France, in all states for years, to teachers, and future assistants and sensei.

If teaching does matter to you then this DVD is right for you. Michel Kervadec is a master instructor for more than 10 years, gathering and developing these techniques. This DVD is a great tool to help kids who wants to improve their skills and for teachers to discover and learn new ways of teaching and improve their educational training.

Absolutely a great teaching video. A must have. Need more like it. God bless. Stotokantigerclaw in YouTube

This DVD, teaching children is an introduction to learning a karate kata for children. We will see that the suggested exercises and situations are also adaptable to other public such as youth and adult beginners.

Every style and discipline can adapt the situation to offer its various courses, enbusen, learning to learn a kata, it is important for children to make sense of techniques, footworks, and the prescribed enbusen. Through this Karate DVD, we will offer you for each training, educational and fun form, whether in cardio circulatory warm, osteo arthritis, from general to specific. Of educational learning techniques, the overall analytics. Situations of living together, social roles, such as the role of partner, the opponent, the judge, referee, be a coach. You will also find a test method evaluation. Assessment criteria as the basis for standards of finished product. The finished product is the kata Heian Shodan . Point instruction and entertainment will be offered; it allows us to regulate between traditional methods, teaching by objectives and pedagogy based on problem situations.

Don't forget that what we have to offer you should not put away what is already existing but comes reinforce traditional methods, cause there are wonderful tools which is provided for many generations: kata, assault, bunkai, kihon, for children but also for some beginner, young and adult. We find the approach of teaching by objective, the establishment of problem situations also allows the practitioner to develop, understand and give meaning to what happens in the techniques.

Hosted by
Michel Kervadec
Video System
55 minutes
French & English
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