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Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hué dvd vo co truyen vietnam
  • Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hué dvd vo co truyen vietnam
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Tinh Vo Dao Ho Hoa Hué

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DVD Hosted by master Ho Tieu Phung - Direct disciple of master Ho Hoa Hué in Vietnam 22 national gold medals in Vietnam.



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Since 2004

You will find in this video 5 quyens + martial applications of Bạch Linh Xà Côn - Thần Đồng Quyền - Hắc Miêu Quyền - Phi Thiên Đao - Tinh Võ Tứ Môn

Many know that Master Hô Hoa Huê, founder of Tinh Vo Dao, was the first Vietnamese woman to build a bridge bringing to the Vietnamese martial arts culture to over 60 countries throughout the world, with nearly 80,000 students today. Her followers, in Vietnam and elsewhere, call her “Ambassador for Vietnamese Martial Arts.” “The Golden Woman” has said, “My goal is that traditional Vietnamese martial arts become the national martial art.”

In 2011, Master Hô Hoa Huê named David Basset (a Ho Hai Long disciple) to head up Tinh Vo Dao in France. She asked him to set up a training center specialized in Tinh Vo Dao, ensuring its growth in France and Europe.

The future of Vietnamese martial arts and the Tinh Vo Dao school

David Basset, his wife Lise Basset and Master Ho Tieu Phung (who has been a direct disciple of the founding Master since the age of 5) are founding a Tinh Vo Dao training center for all students, followers, teachers and future teachers who would like to be trained in this such great martial art school.


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French + English
Hosted by
Maître Ho Thieu Phung
Video System
55 minutes

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