• kyusho vital points and pressure points on dvd video
  • Gyokushin Ryu Aïki Ju Jitsu documentary
  • taichi yang in french only
  • Master the kick techniques

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We use Paypal to process all major credit cards. More than 5 500 customers from 39 countries. The world’s top masters of Martial Arts like Jean-Pierre Lavorato 9th dan Karate Shotokan Kaze Ha, Zenei Oshiro 8th dan Karaté Goju Ryu et Kobudo, Roland Hernaez 8th dan Nihon Tai JItsu Seibuban Japan, Dani Faynot 10° Kali Arnis Eskrima, Bernard Bilicki 8th dan karaté jutsu, Thierry Alibert Tai Chi Chuan Qi-Gong, Jerson Toratl Jr Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, Samuel Bambit Dulay IMAF Modern Arnis, Serge Rebois IKF Kyusho Waza, Lionel Froidure... Our films are made to a very high creative and technical standard. Advances in the technology of filming have been rapid, and a large part of our investment goes to equipment and the post production workflow. In march 2009, we converted to High Definition using Panasonic tapeless HD cameras. Since 2007, all of our dvd are filmed in High Definition. Of course, we will release all titles in Standard DVD format.