• The new documentary film in Wudang China : disciples of the sacred mountain
  • karate movie about the life of the grand sensei master Jean-Pierre Lavorato
  • Karate Bunkai with Jean-François Tisseyre and Didier Lupo
  • washizu sensei

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We use Paypal to process all major credit cards. The world’s top masters of Martial Arts like Jean-Pierre Lavorato 9th dan Karate Shotokan Kaze Ha, Zenei Oshiro 8th dan Karaté Goju Ryu et Kobudo, Roland Hernaez 9th dan Nihon Tai JItsu Seibuban Japan, Dani Faynot 10° Kali Arnis Eskrima, Bernard Bilicki 9th dan karaté jutsu, Thierry Alibert Tai Chi Chuan Qi-Gong, Jerson Toratl Jr Dekiti Tirsia Siradas, Samuel Bambit Dulay IMAF Modern Arnis, Serge Rebois IKF Kyusho Waza, Lionel Froidure... Our films are made to a very high creative and technical standard. Advances in the technology of filming have been rapid, and a large part of our investment goes to HD equipment and the post production workflow. Clear images and sharp sounds!